European Composer Awards 2017

Brussels, BELGIUM - Dec.. 2016 - EURMPA

The European Composer Awards are Co-sponsored by the European Motion Picture Association and were first established in 2016, during the expansion of its classical music repertoire.

The European Composer Awards is an annual competition open to European composers engaged in the genre of classical music, film music and music for computer games.

To qualify works must have been completed within 2017 and have received a public premiere performance - either live or broadcast.

All works are judged anonymously by a high-profile panel of classical composers that has in recent years.

Winners are honored at an award ceremony in Vienna each autum.

Eligibility requirements:

1. Must be a citizen of a country in one of the European Union Member States.
2. Currently studying music, either in an educational institution or privately
3. Over the age of 18 as of time of submission4.

To learn more about the awards, please contact us.