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Autotonic Player

Vienna, AUSTRIA - Dec. 2016  - EURMPA

Autotonic player is a a free version based on the unique AutoTonic keyswitch-technology was introduced by Autotonic.

Autotonic offers you a unique custom and carefully planned 'preset bank' (think of it in terms of a 'sound library' for our modal mapping technology) of various famous and custom made scales.

Also, it uses emojis instead of scale names, which make the 'AutoTonic Player' even more expressional and unique to use, and its not a demo and will not expire or such.

By 'playing only on white keys' and loading new mappings by the use of your black keys you have full control over new Tonic/Scale-combinations and simply can enjoy – for unlimited time and without any restrictions – the full power of modal transposing (which allows 'scales with any count of intervals per octave')


Full & unlimited modal transposing experience
Countless of scale/tonic combinations feasible
No authorization required, no time restrictions

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